The saying “showing up is half the battle¬¬” is especially pertinent for one of the most crucial milestones in a person’s life: a high school diploma. good persuasive speech topics for college students SayPresent incentivizes attendance for students by giving them a chance to win awesome prizes and perks for showing up.

SayPresent is the brainchild of Lamar Walker. Mr. Walker is a product of the Los Angeles foster care system and LAUSD. Previously he also founded Young Spotlight which supported schools through motivational events. He was able to see the power of incentives for students who were on the rocky path that a lack of education can lead to.

Through this process he created an incentive positive and negative effects of global warming essay system which offers high school students the opportunity to win awesome prizes and earn cool perks for going to school everyday. The aim is to emphasize attendance in schools. Mr. Walker’s incentive program grew exponentially throughout Southern California. His program was featured on several media outlets including ABC and CBS news as an innovative way to get students to class by offering incentives. SayPresent’s goal is to continue to partner with school administration to run the attendance boosting system on their campuses.

The Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Cinnibon, and Subway are just a few local supporters that have donated to SayPresent’s incentive program.